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Top Scoring Players
for the Current Season
Tom Brady 185.00
Adrian Peterson 99.00
Marcel Reece 26.00
Rob Gronkowski 86.00
Odell Beckham 118.00
Stephen Gostkowski 139.00
Bengals -15.00
J.J. Watt 56.00
Lavonte David 59.75
Reshad Jones 80.00
Broncos 9.00

Dynamic Statistics

This page provides an interactive tool that allows you to generate all kinds of statistical information based on the information stored in the league database. Please use this tool to develop strategies, or simply to amuse your curiosity. If there is any type of query you would like to make, and if it is not on this page, please let me know and I will try to add it as a feature.

- 2015 Season Rankings by Position -
Quarterback Halfback Fullback
Tight End Wide Receiver Kicker
Offensive Line Defensive Lineman Linebacker
Defensive Backs Defense/Special Teams  



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