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Fantasy Football Report

Week 16

December 24, 26, 27, 28

2015 Fantasy Football Season

Divisional Standings


Team of the Week: The Punkrockers

The P-Town Punkrockers are not showing any signs of weakness. Are they destined for a back to back championship in two straight years? In one more week we will have the answer to that question.

Offensive Player of the Week:
Matt Prater
Field Goals 4
Extra Points 2
Bonus Kicking Yardage 0
Total Points 14
A good kicker is always valuable, but when he kicks for double digit points in the playoffs, you give that man more than just a cigar.
Defensive Player of the Week:
Morgan Burnett
Tackles 8
Assists 2
Sacks 0
PD 1
Interceptions 0
FR 1
Total Points 6.75
Morgan Burnett was riding the bench most of the year, but was up for the challenge when his name was called in the playoffs. He is still quite the tackling machine.

Week in Review: It was Christmas time in Whoville, and with our bellies full of Eggnog, we watched the final four teams square off to get to the final dance. Apparently, winning the division title is not what it is cracked up to be, both wild card teams won their respective division Superbowl bids.
Link to Official Statistics folder: Week 16 Game Book Reports

Gnawlers vs. Hamsterhiders
  Final Score
The Gnawlers (Home +1) 34
The Hamsterhiders 49

Star of the Game: Matt Prater - 14 points

Game Comments:
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Gnawlers Hamsterhiders
QB Philip Rivers 8.00 QB Ryan Fitzpatrick 13.00
HB Devonta Freeman 8.00 HB Lamar Miller 8.00
TE Richard Rodgers 0.00 TE Rob Gronkowski 3.00
WR Antonio Brown 2.00 TE Greg Olsen 1.00
WR Jarvis Landry 4.00 WR Demaryius Thomas 2.00
WR Randall Cobb 0.00 WR Golden Tate 2.00
K Kai Forbath 6.00 K Matt Prater 14.00
DL Cameron Jordan 0.25 DL J.J. Watt 4.00
LB Paul Posluszny 5.75 LB Thomas Davis 1.25
DB Prince Amukamara 3.00 DB Morgan Burnett 6.75
OL Chargers -1.00 OL Seahawks -4.00
D/ST Panthers -3.00 D/ST Seahawks -2.00
Plankton vs. Punkrockers
  Final Score
The Plankton (Home +1) 34.25
The Punkrockers 51

Star of the Game: Matthew Stafford - 12 points

Game Comments:
Carl Sunday December 27th, 2015 09:55 PM
Plankton got served a Rueben sandwich
Chris Wednesday December 30th, 2015 02:33 PM
Plankton have trouble digesting Ruebens. Good Luck, Carl!
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Plankton Punkrockers
QB Russell Wilson 10.00 QB Matthew Stafford 12.00
HB Charcandrick West 2.00 HB Adrian Peterson 10.00
TE Julius Thomas 0.00 TE Gary Barnidge 1.00
WR DeAndre Hopkins 10.00 WR Jordan Matthews 10.00
WR James Jones 3.00 WR Dez Bryant 0.00
WR Martavis Bryant 0.00 WR Rueben Randle 9.00
K Dustin Hopkins 5.00 K Steven Hauschka 5.00
DL Jurrell Casey 2.50 DL Ezekiel Ansah 2.25
LB Brandon Marshall 3.00 DL Chandler Jones 0.50
DB Earl Thomas 0.75 LB Lavonte David 4.25
OL Vikings -1.00 OL Saints 0.00
D/ST Broncos -2.00 D/ST Lions -3.00

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