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Welcome to the Church of the Oblong Ball fantasy football web site!

All the information you will need throughout the season can be found on this site or from an appropriate link. You should also find other interesting information about the league so please take some time to explore.

The league is fully automated. You can make a trades, and send in your picks simply by going to the appropriate page on the site. Don't forget you must spell the players name correctly when making a trade so the database can find them. Please contact the commissioner if you experience any trouble with the system.

You should try and look at your scores as frequently as possible. If you have any questions or disagree with any score, please let the commissioner know. is the official league scoring reference:

Please be aware that the pdf file from every gamebook link will now be attached to each weekly report (listed as a folder of "Game Book Reports"). This will be the final score - even if later changes this file.

As the league has evolved the need for a year round schedule is now required. Please make note of these important dates for the 2016 season:

  •  February 13th: Deadline to change team Powerbal number (for Draft order)
  •  May 7th: Official Draft Order Released
  •  May 28 until June 4: Rookie Draft (new starting this year!)
  •  August 6th: Franchise Player designation
  •  August 27th: Draft Day! (1pm EST/10am PST)
  •  September 8th: Week 1 season kickoff

This is now the 24th year of the Church of the Oblongball! The COB would like to thank Roman Warmke (owner of Eden Marketing) for providing the league a stable host server for the past couple years. This has been fundamental in keeping the league together. Let's set the benchmark for 50 years, then take it from there!

- Commissioner (2016)

* Church of the Oblongball is a reserved domain name for the purpose of a private fantasy football league. All information found on this site is intended only to provide information to the twelve members of the league. This league is for entertainment only.