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Church of the Oblong Ball News Library

Herein lies the database of all the great articles written over the years about the various exploits in the Church of the Oblong Ball Fantasy Football League. These articles have been contributed by creative members of the league who help to keep the game fun and exciting. Of particular interest is the Oblong Observer, the offical league newspaper. I encourage you all to explore the articles, and perhaps create some of your own!


Spectacular weekly articles written by acclaimed journalist, Josh Brown. This rag covers all league events and is a must read for all members. The above link will list the articles by date from which you can choose to read.


This link will take you to a collection of articles that occasionally appear in other print media. It is here you will find fun anecdotes that might relate to a particular team.

* Church of the Oblongball is a reserved domain name for the
purpose of a private fantasy football league. All information found
on this site is intended only to provide information to the twelve
members of the league. This league is for entertainment only.