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Official League Rules

I.    Team

   You will draft the following players (and must keep at a minimum for each position for the entire season): 
  •  2 Quarterbacks
  •  2 Halfbacks
  •  1 Fullback
  •  2 Tight Ends
  •  4 Wide Receivers
  •  2 Kickers
  •  1 Additional Offensive Player of Any Position (QB, HB, FB, TE, WR, or K)
  •  2 Defensive Linemen
  •  2 Linebackers
  •  2 Defensive Backs
  •  1 Offensive Line
  •  1 Defense/Special Teams

*[Please note the following rule applies for the FB]
- On draft day, you are only allowed to draft a FB that is listed as "eligible" on the draft day fullback list.
- During the season, if you wish to trade for a FB, he must be listed as the starting FB on the NFL team depth chart link for the trade to be considered valid.

II.   Trades

    The league is based more on depth of team, than the "quick trade fix" philosophy. For example, if both your HBs are hurt and you are out of trades, you must run your FB. Use your trades wisely!
  • You are allowed only 3 trades during the season.
  • No trades will be allowed after the end of regular season play.
  • No trades between teams will be allowed.
  • You are not allowed unlimited trades until the first game of the season, any trade made after draft day will count against the total number allowed for the season.
  • You must always maintain a full roster. (i.e. you may not trade a fullback for a halfback, which would leave you with no fullback on your roster)


III.    Scoring

The official (and only) source for league scoring statistics is The 'Gamebook' PDF file for each game is the only document considered valid (even if there are discrepancies with other sources). These documents will be attached to each Weekly Report update. Even if changes their orginal files later, the only valid files will be those that were attached to the Weekly Report at the time of posting.
   3 points for every touchdown pass 
   1 points for every 50 yards of complete passing 
   1 point for every 25 yards of rushing 
   1 point for every 25 yards of receiving yardage 
   6 points for any rushing or receiving touchdown 
   1 point for any 2-point conversion pass 
   2 points for any rushing 2-point conversion score 
  -1 point for every interception
  -1 point for every fumble lost

   6 points for any touchdown (rushing or receiving) 
   1 point for every 25 yards (rushing or receiving) 
   2 points for any 2-point conversion (rushing or receiving) 
  -1 point for every fumble lost 


   6 points for any touchdown (rushing or receiving) 
   1 point for every 25 yards (rushing or receiving) 
   2 points for any 2-point conversion (rushing or receiving) 
  -1 point for every fumble lost 
   2 points for every 100 yards of team rushing*

  (*Note: the FB must have at least one rushing
     attempt or reception before they qualify for the
     2/100 yard team rushing bonus

Wide Receiver
   6 points for any touchdown (rushing or receiving) 
   1 point for every 25 yards (rushing or receiving) 
   2 points for any 2-point conversion (rushing or receiving)
  -1 point for every fumble lost
Tight Ends
   6 points for any touchdown (rushing or receiving) 
   1 point for every 25 yards (rushing or receiving) 
   2 points for any 2-point conversion (rushing or receiving)
  -1 point for every fumble lost
   1 point for every complete extra point 
   5 points for any successful field goal of over 50 yards 
   4 points for any successful field goal of over 40 yards 
   3 points for any successful field goal of 40 yards or under 
  -1 point for any missed field goal or extra point attempt 
Defensive Players
  0.5 point every tackle 
  0.25 point for every assist 
  0.25 point for every pass deflected
  1 point for every forced fumble
  2 points for any sack, fumble recovery, interception
  2 points for a safety
(*Note: This includes the "Tuck rule" which states that any individual defensive player, named in the 'Gamebook' scoring description, that causes a play in which the ultimate result is a safety (e.g. a forced fumble in which the offensive player loses the ball out of bounds in the end zone) , will be credited with the 2 points - as agreed by majority league vote in the 2009 season)
  6 points for any touchdown scored as a result of a fumble recovery or an interception
-1 point for every fumble lost
Defense/Special Team
 -1 point for every 100 yards the opposing team gains 
   6 points if any player returns an interception or fumble 
      recovery for a touchdown 
   2 points for a safety 
   6 points for any kick off or punt return for a touchdown
Offensive Line
  -1 point for every sack allowed 
   1 point for every 100 rushing yards gained by the team 

Special Rules

*(Please note that if you have an offensive or defensive player who returns kicks or punts, you will receive 6 points if they score a touchdown, but you will not be awarded any yardage bonuses) 

**(Special Team tackles will not be counted toward a players total score)

***(Any player, other than a QB, who should happen to throw a touchdown pass, will be awarded 3 points. Passing yardage will also be considered in this case. In addition, an interception will result in -1 point.)

****(Any defensive player who should happen to also play an offensive position will receive the additional points awarded for that position.)

*****(Any offensive player who should happen to also play an offensive position, other than what he was drafted for, will receive the additional points awarded for that position.)

Challange Flags

During the course of the regular season each team has up to two challenge flags they can use if they do not agree with the final score. If the they correct, and the score is overturned, there is no penalty. If not, they lose a trade. A team may not challenge if they are out of trades.

*Exception: in the final regular season game (Game 14) a team may challenge without trade penalty- that means if no trades left, it is still OK to challenge. This rule is only to maintain the integrity of the game and to ensure the correct teams are in the playoffs.

In the event of a scoring controversy during the playoffs, the commissioner will assign two members of the league, one from each division, and who are not playing in the disputed game, to resolve the conflict.

IV.    Plays

Goal Line Formation Pro Formation Single-back Run
1 QB 1 QB 1 QB
1 HB 1 HB 1 HB
1 FB 1 FB 2 TE
2 TE 1 TE 2 WR
1 WR 2 WR 1 K
1 K 1 K  
Wildcat* Shotgun Run-n-Shoot
2 HB 1 QB 1 QB
1 FB 1 HB 1 HB
2 TE 1 TE 4 WR
1 WR 3 WR 1 K
1 K 1 K  
Smash Mouth Bunch Hail Mary
1 QB 1 QB 1 QB
2 HB 1 HB 1 FB
1 FB 1 FB 4 WR
2 TE 3 WR 1 K
1 K 1 K  

*Note: One HB will be listed in the weekly report as the QB (as they are technically filling this role)

Goal Line Standard Dime
2 DL 1 DL 1 LB
1LB 1 LB 2 DB
1 DB

Each week you must choose a formation for both offense and defense. This must be given to the commissioner no later than one hour before the first game of the week. This means that if the first game of the week is 8:00pm Thursday evening, your entire lineup must be given to the commissioner by 7:00pm that day. Failure to do so, will result in running the "Pro Formation" (with commissioners choice of players) for each delinquent week. (Even if you wish to run the same picks as the prior week, you must reconfirm that this is your desire)

Failure to send in your picks will result in a five point reduction from your total score of that week.

(This rule is stricly enforced to ensure competitive play)


V.    Playoffs: Divisional Records & Tie-breakers

At the end of the regular season, the play-off teams will be determined in the following manor:
  • The top three teams from each division will go to the playoffs based on overall record.
  • The team with the best record in each division will earn a bye-week and home field advantage during the playoffs. (no team will have the home field advantage for the Superbowl)

In the case there is a tie in terms of overall record the following procedure will be used to determine final division standings:

  1. Best divisional record
  2. Head to Head competition
  3. Total points scored during the season
  4. Total points scored against

If during the course of the playoffs a tie should occur it will be resolved in the following manor:

  • If a tie exists then the backup K will be considered
  • If a tie still exists then the backup LB will be considered

VI.    Franchise Players & Draft Position

At the end of the season you will be able to retain 1 offensive player and 1 defensive player for the upcoming season. It is possible, however, to withdraw your first round pick for the option of franchising an additional player from your current roster. You may also forfeit your 15th round pick to franchise an additional defensive player. Finally, there is an option to keep either your Defense/Special Teams or Offensive Line by giving up your last pick in the draft.

Before the start of each season, there will be a fixed date for each team to declare their franchise players. Once declared, they will remain on that teams roster. If a franchise player gets hurt before the season, then a trade must be used during the season to replace the player, if that is the wish of the team owner.

Special Rule: If a team has opted to waive their first round pick to franchise an additional offensive player, and a franchised offensive player gets hurt before draft day, the team owner may opt to drop the injured player and retain their first round pick. This is allowed only once, if two or more players are injured, then the team must use their season trades if they wish to replace any additional players beyond the first round claim. This same rule applies for the 15th round in the case of a defensive player.  

[Update: 2015] A new rule will be introduced that now allows a team to trade in their 10th round pick for the option to enter the Rookie Draft. This will occur a couple months prior to the regular draft. The following rules apply, if a team wishes to exercise this option:

- For a 12 day period (24 hours per person, in the order determined by the Powerball draft) each team can use their 10th round selection on a rookie NFL player (player must be delegated as a rookie on

- Once a rookie player is selected, a player of the same position on the current roster must be released. This is done in one step (example: Ben drafts rookie WR Amari Cooper and releases Brian Hartline from current roster)

- This draft will be managed by email, phone, or text. If you do not contact the commissioner on your designated rookie draft day, you forfeit the option and will select your 10th round pick, as normal, later during the full draft day. 

The first round draft order of the following year of each season will be determined by the final overall win-loss records of the prior regular season. The team with the worst record will be given the first choice in the draft, with the Superbowl winner getting the last choice. The rest of the draft rounds are randomized to ensure fair opportunity for all players.

The draft order for rounds 2 through 20 are determined with the following method:

Each team selects a 'Powerball' number (1-42) then the commissioner will use these numbers in an alternating 'count up/count down' method to determine the draft order for rounds 2 until 20. This is done by using the results from the weekly Powerball lottery drawing ( Note, only the red 'powerball' is referenced.


VII.    Prize Money

Every player will be required to pay a $30 entrance fee! Please do this as soon as possible and do not forget. It is disrespectful to the other people in the league if you do not ante in your fair share. 

The following penalty will apply for teams giving a late or incomplete payment: -1 point from the team's total score for each week of delinquency.

e.g. It is Week 8 of the season and team X has still not paid the full $30, they will lose 8 points from their score that week.

A team that fails to pay by the end of Week 14 will be removed from the league.

   At the end of the season the prize money will be rewarded as follows: 

  • $210 to the Superbowl Winner
  • $60 to the Superbowl Loser
  • $30 to the team with the most players in the Pro Bowl
($5 of entrance fee is used for administrative costs)

* Church of the Oblongball is a reserved domain name for the
purpose of a private fantasy football league. All information found
on this site is intended only to provide information to the twelve
members of the league. This league is for entertainment only.